Bush’s Foreign Policy Betrayals

Bush’s presidency has consisted of one anti-American betrayal after another. After declaring that “you are either with us or with the terrorists,” he invited the fundamental source and sponsor of Islamic terrorism, Iran, to join us as a partner in his so-called “war on terror,” while simultaneously turning a blind eye to its nuclear ambitions. After declaring an opposition to “nation-building,” he has ceaselessly worked to create a brand-new terrorist state in Palestine. After waging two wars, he has openly championed the goal of sacrificing our soldiers as opposed to crushing the enemy, with the result that both wars have become un-winnable and our enemies have become emboldened. After ignoring the open commitment of Saudi Arabia to Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism, he has proposed to shower them with hi-tech weaponry. And now, after allowing “axis-of-evil” member North Korea to acquire nuclear weapons, he wishes to send the New York Philharmonic to serenade it’s mass-murdering dictator.

Between the capitalism-haters on the left and the religion-lovers on the right, it seems as if there is no party left to champion and defend America.

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