Environmentalism vs. Science

In your editorial, “America-bashing: The cause that never dies” (12/1/97), your writer states that “we are not really competent to discuss the validity” of the theory of global warming, “we” in this context implying “the average layman.”

Not true. There are a host of uncontroversial facts available to the average layman that disprove the theory of global warming. For example: the slight increase in the earth’s temperature (one degree Fahrenheit) during the past century followed a previous decrease in temperature, most of this rise occurred before 1940, and observations from weather satellite sensors show that no further increase has occurred over the last 20 years.

Environmentalism is not a field of science. It is an ideology that holds that unaltered nature is good and that the alteration of nature for human benefit, i.e., production, is bad. Thus, moderate environmentalists routinely call for an end to economic growth, while ideologically consistent environmentalists routinely call for an end to industrial civilization. It is by means of ideologically biased pseudo-science that both groups are rapidly gaining the ability to implement their nihilistic goals by law. Thus it is imperative that those who hold pro-human values either dismiss environmentalist pseudo-science out-of-hand, or learn how to refute it. Given such excellent resources as Dixie Lee Ray’s book, “Environmental Overkill,” the latter is not difficult to do.

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