New York’s new slogan: “Let’s respect each other’s choices”

Translation: The rational, i.e., those of us who, during the reign of COVID thought-control, expressed opinions and made personal choices based on our first-handed, rational judgment, and were therefore vilified as murderers, excommunicated from our families, and fired from our jobs, are now instructed by our government to “respect” the irrationality of the remaining mask-wearing hypochondriacs and virtue-signalers in the interim before the World Economic Forum delivers us to the next New Thing (i.e., the mass sufferings and deprivations soon to be demanded to allegedly save humanity from an imaginary climate “crisis”).

Worth noting: the original version of this poster, displayed throughout the New York City subway system, was presented as an allegedly helpful, if sophomoric, instructional graphic on how to wear a mask correctly. Now our authorities are endorsing deliberately wearing a mask incorrectly for no purpose, and then demanding that we respect such deliberate irrationality.

Since one can’t actually respect the irrational qua irrational, the new demand is that we must now enact the pretense of respect, simply because we are now told by the government to do so.

Such a demand is the next logical step in establishing the principle of obedience as virtue, which has been the goal of public policy since March 2020.

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